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As the newsletter of the Mark Twain Circle of America, the Mark Twain Circular was launched in January 1987 by Thomas A. Tenney (Past Editor of the Mark Twain Journal).

Dr. James Wharton Leonard of The Citadel is the current editor of the Mark Twain Circular. He succeeds Professor Joseph Csicsila of Eastern Michigan University, Professor Chad Rohman (Dominican University), and Professor James S. Leonard (The Citadel), who was our editor for more than twenty years, beginning in 1987.

The Circular is published twice per year (April and November) and is emailed by the editor to all members of the Mark Twain Circle.

The Circular prints news of Mark Twain events and scholarship, directories of members, short biographical articles and critical commentaries, and current bibliography. Subscribers are distributed among 44 states and 14 foreign countries.

You can find the second to the most current issue and past issues of the Mark Twain Circular on the dropdown menu above.


  1. Dear Professor Rohman,
    In February of 2013, we began research for a new documentary film about Samuel Clemens’ 1864-65 three month stay in the Mother Lode of California. We started filming earlier this year and have interviewed a number of professors, worked with the local historical society and have re-created scenes needed to tell the story of this chapter in Clemens’ life in unprecedented detail. We are using Samuel Clemens own words from his letters home, Roughing It, Notebook 4 and his autobiography. The film is currently in post-production with a premiere scheduled for February of 2015 in Angels Camp, California, on the 150th anniversary of Samuel Clemens departure from the Mother Lode.

    When we interviewed Professor James Caron for the film, he suggested we join the Mark Twain Circle, in order to learn more about Samuel Clemens, and reach out to others that are interested in his career and writings as we are.

    We’re writing to ask if you would consider giving our film, “88 Days in the Motherlode” a mention in your Winter Circular. We would be happy to send a complimentary copy of the completed film to the appropriate person and perhaps the Circular would even care to review it. In the meantime, you can view the film trailer here…

    We look forward to hearing from you and your members.

    Bert Simonis –

    John C. Brown –

  2. Janice Pohler says:

    When selecting V.30:1 Spring it brings up V.30:2 Fall instead. Please add V.30:1 Spring. Thank you!

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