The Mark Twain Circle of America

Call For Nominations of New Members

One hundred and fifty years ago, a wise man said:

  …nothing pleases a child so much as to be a member of something or other. Your rightly-constituted child don’t care shucks what it is, either. 

  –Mark Twain, Letter to the San Francisco Alta California, date May 20, 1867; published July 7, 1867 

However you don’t have to be a child to see the merits of membership in the Mark Twain Circle.  And this is where we need your help: 

In addition to hanging on to current members, we’re looking to add to the fold. It’s clear to us that members like you are our best resource.  So we’re asking you to nominate anyone who you think would be interested in becoming a member.  This could be a friend, a colleague, a teacher, a grad student–anyone with an appreciation for Twain. While we’re happy to attract anyone to our Circle, we’re particularly keen to draw in some of the next-generation scholars and Twain fans. 

Please forward the names and email contacts for those whom you think would like to receive our invitation to join.  Our invitation will tell them that they have been nominated for membership, so indicate to us if you would like us to identify you as a nominator or if you would prefer to remain anonymous. See the list of officers for email addresses.

Thank you for helping us to grow the Mark Twain Circle. 


Kerry Driscoll, President

Larry Howe, Vice-president??? 

Larry Howe

Professor of English & Film Studies

Department of Literature and Languages

Roosevelt University

Vice-president, Mark Twain Circle of America




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