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  1. JC Harrell says:

    I’m trying to find a passage Mark Twain wrote. Paraphrasing: A great army looked for a place to cross a river, and saw a doe and fawn crossing so they crossed at that location. They fought a great battle, or not. They won a great victory, or not. Can’t recall where I read this story. Would appreciate the reference.

  2. Haldon says:

    Would like to use some of the pictures for a class project. Would like to know who to contact.

  3. nitescu raluca says:

    how can I become a member to publish an article about twain or can I publish without being a member?

  4. adauto says:

    On the introduction page of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer book, Mark Twain wrote: ‘The rest those of boys who were schoolmates of mine”. Considering boys is plural, should not write Whom or Which instead Who? Thanks in advance for any replay.

  5. adauto says:

    On the Preface of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer book Mark Twain wrote: “The rest those of boys who were schoolmates of mine”. I am not able for question one of the best writer, thus forgive me in advance, but, considering boys is plural does he should write Whom or Which instead? Thanks for any tip in advance.

  6. […] While we seek submissions without restriction, all presenters must be active members of the Mark Twain Circle at the time of the conference (information about membership is available at our website […]

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