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Join/Renew Electronically

Note: If you have an Ad Blocker installed, it may prevent you from seeing the Paypal link in step two. If you run into this issue, disable your Blocker and refresh the page.


Fill out the form below.  This gives us the necessary contact information to ensure you receive your Circular (via email) and your Annual .  Note the added option to donate to the Louis J. Budd Travel Fund and the Hadleyburg Fund.
If you have any questions about your membership status, please contact Executive Coordinator Jarrod Roark at

You can pay by credit card or with a PayPal account.

Because The Mark Twain Circle is a nonprofit organization, the button link below says “Make a Donation,” and your membership supports MTC programs.  Your payment will apply to your membership at the level you select in STEP ONE.  If you choose to make a donation to the Louis J. Budd or Hadleyburg fund, please indicate the fund and amount in STEP ONE above. Thank you!

To pay via PayPal, click on the secure link below and enter the total you submitted through the contact form above:


  1. Kent Rasmussen says:

    this is confusing. The web page invites people to “join/renew,” but after submitting my renewal request, I was asked to “donate.” If that’s the term you use for paying for membership, you should explain it. I’d hate to think I’ve just made a donation that won’t be credited to my membership fee.

  2. taomandolin says:

    Sorry for the confusion, Kent. PayPal makes us say that. It is a renewal and not a donation. –John Bird

  3. Harry Wonham says:

    I don’t see the “donate” tab. It says “Pay the total via PayPal using this secure link:” but there doesn’t seem to be a link.

    • MTC Web says:

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I should be fixed, but please let us know if the problem persists.

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