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Your annual membership fee of $30.00 US (US or international members) includes a subscription to the Mark Twain Circular (a newsletter about events and publications related to Mark Twain studies) and The Mark Twain Annual, a collection of fresh and high-quality articles and reviews. The three-year rate is $75. Graduate student and K-12 teacher rate is $15. To download the new membership application and renewal form as a PDF, please click  here. You will also find an option to pay online in the drop-down box. If your interest in Mark Twain runs deep, we hope you will join us!


  1. Hamada Kassam says:

    I am Dr. Hamada Kassam. I would like to become a member in the Mark Twain Circle of America.

  2. Nancy McNicol says:

    I am trying to download your membership PDF but all that comes up through the link are the advertisements. This is also the case for most of the pages on this site.

    • taomandolin says:

      WordPress has added these advertisements lately. If you scroll down past them, you should see the content. Works for me, anyway. Let us know if you still have this problem!

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