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Events and Calls For Papers

Please check this page frequently for news about national, international, and regional meetings of special interest to Mark Twain scholars and enthusiasts.


  1. Mark Collins says:

    I click the link for a call for papers and there is nothing there.

  2. taomandolin says:

    You have to click on the menu bar, then click on the drop-down menu. Each call has its own page, and there will be a blue link to click on. Works fine on a computer, but is a bit strange on a tablet. You can navigate there on a tablet, but it takes some persistence. Hope that helps!

  3. nitescu raluca says:

    How can I publish an article about Mark Twain?

  4. taomandolin says:

    You can find his address under officers. Let me know if that does not work!

  5. nitescu raluca says:

    Hi!I’ve written to mr Chadman but I still didn’t get any answer I really don’t know how to get in touch

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