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Social Events at ALA 2016

At this year’s American Literature Association annual conference, San Francisco, May 26-29, the Mark Twain Circle will have two social events. The first is an informal reception at Harrington’s Bar and Grill, 245 Front Street, a few blocks from the Hyatt Regency. On Friday, May 27, we will meet for drinks after the 1601 session, at 6:45 or so, paid by the Mark Twain Circle. Please join us if you are at ALA or in the area.

The second is a ten-course Chinese banquet at the R & G Lounge, an excellent Chinese restaurant located at 631 Kearney Street, about seven blocks from the hotel. We will have three tables of ten people each. Guests are welcome. Dinner at 8:00 or so, on Friday night, following the reception. Dinner per person costs $40, not including tax, tips, and drinks. Email John Bird at by May 23 to reserve a space. Please join us for what will be an excellent and memorable banquet. The menu (Banquet A) can be found here:

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  1. Carl Martens says:

    Last week, after having been a Mark Twain enthusiast all my life, currently conducting public speaking workshops around the country, I realized I had finally attained a milestone (as far as age is concerned) to don a wig and makeup in order to submit a short video to YouTube with Mark commenting on the current 2016 election. You might want to take a look…

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