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Article on Mark Twain Papers in Bancroftiana

The Fall 2013 issue of Bancroftiana, the newsletter of the Bancroft Library at the University of California–Berkeley, has an article by Victor Fischer on the Mark Twain Project’s editors at the Elmira 2013 Mark Twain Conference. Included is a picture of the four Mark Twain directors, a rare convergence. You will have to scroll to page 10, but you can read about Rube Goldberg on the way. Congratulations to Robert Hirst on his well-deserved award!

Latest Mark Twain Annual Published

The 2013 volume of The Mark Twain Annual has been published. If you are a member of the Mark Twain Circle, you have probably already received your copy. If you are not a member, join now and you will receive one. This 11th issue is the last to be edited by Ann Ryan and the first published by Penn State University Press. The Mark Twain Circle thanks Ann for her excellent work on the past six issues, and we look forward to volume 12, to be edited by Chad Rohman.

Mark Twain’s Autobiography, Volume Two

The second volume of Mark Twain’s Autobiography has now been published by the University of California Press. The next part of a monumental book, and a monumental job of editing.

Jim’s Dilemma, by Sharon McCoy

Sharon McCoy recently posted part of her work in progress, in which she speaks in the voice of Jim to tell his story. Well worth reading, and we wait for more!

Videos: Why Do You Like the Mark Twain Elmira Conference?

A video in two parts, with Mark Twain scholars answering the question, “Why do you like the Mark Twain Elmira Conference?” A tribute to Barbara Snedecor and her staff at the Center For Mark Twain Studies, Elmira College, and some nice memories of the Seventh International Conference on the State of Mark Twain Studies, August 2013.

Part One:
Part Two:

Fourteen Famous Man Caves

Mark Twain makes this list twice–although they have an error about Elmira and Quarry Farm:

Mark Twain Circle Awards at Elmira 2013

The Mark Twain Circle presented two awards at the Seventh International Conference on the State of Mark Twain Studies, sponsored by the Center for Mark Twain Studies at Elmira College, August 1-3, 2013.

The Thomas A. Tenney Service Award was given to James S. Leonard of the Citadel. Jim Leonard has served as Vice President and President of the Mark Twain Circle, edited The Mark Twain Circular from 1987 to 2008, and has served as Managing Editor of The Mark Twain Annual since its inception in 2003. Jim was instrumental in arranging publication of the journal with Wiley-Blackwell, then when that company decided to cease publishing scholarly journals, he set up a new arrangement with Penn State University Press. James Leonard richly deserves this award for all his service to The Mark Twain Circle of America.

The Louis J. Budd Certificate of Merit was given to Bruce Michelson of the University of Illinois. Bruce is the author of Mark Twain on the Loose and Mark Twain: Printer’s Devil, as well as other exemplary scholarly work on Mark Twain. Bruce has served as Vice President and President of the Mark Twain Circle. For his excellent contributions to Mark Twain scholarship, Bruce Michelson is a most worthy recipient of this award, recently named in honor of our late friend and colleague, Lou Budd.