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Mark Twain Fairy Tale on CBS Sunday Morning

There will be a piece on the recently-discovered and completed Mark Twain fairy tale on CBS News Sunday Morning tomorrow, October 1. Martha Tichener interviewed John Bird, who discovered the fragment at the Mark Twain Papers, Bob Hirst, director of the Mark Twain Papers, and the Steads, the husband and wife team who completed the story and illustrated it for Doubleday/Random House.


New Yorker Article on the Backstory of the Mark Twain Fairy Tale

The New Yorker has just published an online story about the Mark Twain fairy tale, discovered by John Bird and completed by a husband and wife couple, the Steads. Their changes to Twain’s notes are raising a bit of controversy. Reactions from Twain scholars Shelley Fisher Fishkin and David Bradley:

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TwainSpotting: Dance Like Nobody is Watching

Donald Trump’s new communications director has caused quite a stir on Twitter with his misattributed Mark Twain quotation. The fun begins as people make up their own quotations:

TwainSpotting: Rare Edition of Tom Sawyer

Alert TwainSpotter Larry Howe sends this link to the Newberry Library newsletter, about the donation of a rare edition of Tom Sawyer. Scroll to pp. 22-23.